This hairstyle is bananas

What’s (surprisingly) Cracking Good — Banana Clips

My little sister is in town from LA for the week.

“Your hair looks really good,” I tell her when I stop by to see her.

“Thanks!” she says excitedly. “I just got an 8-pack of banana clips. Remember banana clips?”

Oh yes. I remember banana clips all right.

First leggings, neon and bubble skirts…now banana clips are making a comeback?

Granted, these are not quite the giant clips of ’80s that covered the whole backside of the head. The clip my sister sported was smaller, looking more like a ponytail with flourish than the cascading waterfall of hair its predecessor created.

I myself don’t have long enough hair to try this ’80s trend.

So what’s next; scrunchies, anyone?

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